Free Ringtones for Android Download

Myxer Free Ringtones for Android Download: Myxer app for android is a ringtone application in which you can customize your own ringtones. This ringtone application makes it very easy for you to get the desired ringtone from any part of the song you want. As seen many such apps are not free on the app markets but the myxer app for android is free for every individual. The myxer app is compatible with both the android as well as the ios platforms. On both the platforms, it has gained a lot of popularity due to its outstanding features free of cost to both the users that are android and ios.

Free Ringtones for Android

Free Ringtones for Android Download


The user interface of the myxer app is very simple even a new user is so conveniently can use the app without any help. This simple user interface gives it push in the race of other such apps available in the app market.

Customize your own ringtone-The customization of your own ringtone is a very easy process.

To customize what you have to do is first of all from the browser of the smartphone download the song of which you need to make the ringtone from any genuine website.

Once the song gets downloaded open the myxer app and choose that song from your own library on the phone. The myxer app syncs your phone library and makes all the songs available to you in the app which is present on the phone.

Now as you choose the song it will be displayed on the editing screen of the myxer from where you can cut short the song and edit it to get the desired ringtone for your smartphone.

It is usually seen that all those ringtone customizing apps available on the app market which are not free gives you a 40 second time period of a ringtone.

When you talk about the myxer app it will offer you only 30 seconds but guys for a ringtone 30 sec is far more sufficient and thus it is not a matter of concern I think personally.

A free ringtone customizing app with 30 sec of time is good enough for the users than those paid ones available.

The myxer app also has its own library of ringtones in it. It provides you with all the latest songs and the popular ones.

It has done it for all those users who do not want to take the pain in creating their own ringtone and are happy with the ready-made ringtones which are popular among the times. The library of the myxer app will have different categories from which you can choose the ringtones which make it easy for the user to choose his or her desired popular ringtone. You also will get many additional ringtones such comedy ringtones, soundtracks of animals and etc.

How to download the myxer app –

First of all, go to the browser of the phone and type myxer for android download. As the result shows to select the most genuine site and download the apk file of the myxer app.

Once the download gets completed close the browser of the phone and go to the file manager of the phone and search for the myxer app apk file.

Now select the myxer application apk file to open it. If the phone do not give you the permission to do so change the unknown sources settings of the phone and enable it.

Now tap open the apk file and the installation will proceed. Once the installation gets completed you are ready to use the app.

On this app, free ringtones for android samsung is also available to download. There are lots of other free music ringtones as well. If you are a bollywood fan then bollywood ringtones for android is also listed.

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